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What is an oil-free fryer and how does it work?

An oil-free fryer is a popular tool in the kitchen that can be used to prepare fried foods such as meat, pastries, and potato chips.

This device circulates hot air containing oil droplets around the food, making the food crispy and delicious, and also causes a chemical reaction known as the Maillard reaction.» Mit will be This reaction takes place in the presence of heat between an amino acid and a reducing sugar. As a result, the color and taste of the food changes.

Foods prepared with an oil-free fryer are introduced as a healthy alternative to fried foods due to their low fat and calorie content.

To prepare food without changing its taste and texture in an oil-free fryer, only one tablespoon of oil is needed, while for frying food in the normal way, you need to use a lot of oil.


Frying without oil and reducing food fat

Foods that are fried in a lot of oil contain more fat than foods that are prepared with other cooking methods. For example, chicken breast that is fried in oil has about 30% more fat than grilled chicken.

Some manufacturers claim that using an oil-free fryer can reduce the fat content of fried foods by up to 75%, making it more suitable than traditional methods. For example, while other fryers require 3 cups (750 ml) of oil, an oil-free fryer only needs 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of oil.


The amount of oil used in fryers is almost 50 times that of a fryer without oil. Although not all of this oil is absorbed by the food, an oil-free fryer will reduce the fat in your food to a certain extent.

Since increasing the consumption of vegetable oils is related to the increased risk of diseases such as heart diseases and inflammation, changing the method of oil consumption can have a significant impact on people’s health.


Frying without oil and helping to lose weight

Foods that are fried in a lot of oil are not only high in fat, but also have more calories and can cause weight gain.

A study of 33,542 Spanish adults found that increased consumption of fried foods was associated with an increased risk of obesity.

If you are looking to lose weight, you can use oil-free deep fryer foods to start.

It is necessary to know that each gram of fat contains 9 calories, and this amount is about 2 times the calories in one gram of other nutrients such as protein and carbohydrates.

Since foods prepared in an oil-free fryer contain less fat than foods fried in a lot of oil, using an oil-free fryer is an easy way to cut calories and lose weight.



Oil-free fryers cook faster than ovens.

One of the lovely advantages of oil-free fryers is their high speed of cooking, because these fryers do not need to be heated and are very powerful, they cook food much faster than a regular oven.

This high cooking speed allows you to throw in some vegetables and nuggets (chicken or fish) when you get home late from work and need a quick and healthy meal. Fry without oil and have a delicious and crispy dinner on your table in less than 20 minutes.


Less electricity consumption than ovens

One of the options that should be considered in the advantages and disadvantages of each product is the energy consumption of that product, which is especially important in the advantages and disadvantages of oil-free fryers; Depending on the number of people you are cooking for, an oil-free fryer can be a good energy-saving alternative to using an oven for your meals.

Since fryers are smaller in size and have a higher cooking speed than conventional ovens, they can significantly save your energy consumption.


Easier to clean than regular fryers

It is true that no food has the taste and pleasure of food fried in oil, but apart from the level of health, sometimes cleaning up after cooking food is a lot of trouble, which is not worth the trouble, so at the time of purchase, you should consider all the advantages and disadvantages of frying. Consider oil-free.

When working with a conventional deep fryer you constantly have to throw away the oil and replace it with new oil, which is an inconvenient process and requires a lot of cleaning. Also, a lot of oil is splashed during cooking, which involves a lot of cleaning.

Conventional deep fryers release a lot of oil into the air when cooking food and vaporizing it, which can spread throughout the kitchen, so cleaning is not limited to the area around the deep fryer.

You can clean the oil-free fryer with a soft, damp cloth, and you can put the other parts in the dishwasher after cooling down, which will make it easier for you to wash them. Also, since there is no excess oil to dispose of and no oil splashed around, it is very easy to clean.


Using an oil-free fryer as a microwave

In examining the advantages and disadvantages of oil-free fryers, one of their interesting advantages is the quick and easy heating of food. It is no longer necessary to turn on the oven to heat food and wait more than 20 minutes to heat it or put it in the microwave to soak its texture. Put the rest of the food in the fryer without oil and in a few minutes your food is ready to eat.

You can heat everything from taco fillings, chicken thighs, vegetables, and even soups in an ovenproof dish and place them in an oil-free fryer and see the wonderful results..

It is not okay to heat the food at the highest temperature of the fryer, especially if you use a glass container for heating, it usually only takes a few minutes for your food to be heated to the same level as the cooking time..

In examining the advantages and disadvantages of an oil-free fryer, we must compare it with other cooking devices to get a better understanding of it. When reheating food in the microwave, it often creates a wet and strange texture, except for watery foods such as soup, which are themselves watery.. Heating food in the oven also takes a long time and consumes more energy. This is where oil-free fryers come in handy.


Frying with hot air instead of frying in oil

It takes a lot of time and effort to fry food in oil, because you can’t put food in the oil and walk away because at best you end up with burnt food and at worst an oil fire. But in an oil-free fryer, you put the food inside and your hands are free to do other things, which is a great advantage when you have multiple things to do..

In examining the advantages and disadvantages of an oil-free fryer, one of its most important advantages is its ease of use. be prepared and you can do your work at this time.

Some fryers may require you to shake or turn your food in the middle of cooking, which only takes a few seconds and will let you know when cooking is complete with a small beep..

Oil fryers cook some foods faster than non-oil fryers, but you have to stand over them the whole time to make sure the hot oil doesn’t splatter or burn your food..


Disadvantages of conventional fryers

In reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of oil-free fryers, we also point out some of the disadvantages of regular fryers in order to have a better understanding of both products..

  • Normal fryers use a lot of oil.
  • After cooking the oil, you should throw it away.
  • To remove frying smoke, you must have a well-ventilated kitchen.
  • Fat stays in your kitchen.


Fryers without oil have less capacity than ovens.

  • If you cook for a lot of people, an oil-free fryer may not be the best option for you, as most oil-free fryers are smaller than an oven..
  • You can put a chicken and several trays of vegetables in a regular oven at the same time, but for an oil-free fryer, you must choose one of them first and then cook the other after cooking, because you cannot cook both foods with a fryer. placed inside it at the same time.

When it comes to the pros and cons of an oil-free fryer, this is not a sure-fire problem for everyone, the smaller size of fryers means that if you are cooking for a large number of people, you have to cook food one at a time, although There are also larger models. So, if you are cooking for many people, you should use other methods like oven or other methods in addition to fryers. It cannot be said that the size of the fryers is completely problematic, but if you are cooking for a lot of people, you should definitely keep this in mind..



Gessler fryer

Oil fryer

⚡Real power 1500 watts⚡

⚡Low consumption⚡

5.8 liters

Touch screen

10 cooking programs

Pizza, chips, meat cake, muscle meat, shrimp, grill meat, fish, chicken

Fruit drying program

Favorite programs can be used from 1 minute to 60 minutes

Temperature from 80 to 200 degrees


Gesler company has been a leader in this field.

A new technology mode has been obtained even in the field of dried fruit

Gesler company has been able to find a very good position among home appliance manufacturers in Iran. One of the most popular devices made by this company is the Gessler oil-free fryer. Gesler oil-free air fryer has various models, but in terms of cooking technology, they are all the same. The cooking technology of Gesler diet fryer is the rapid circulation of hot air, and there is no need for a rotating basket to cook all parts of the food inside the fryer without Gesler oil. The difference between these devices is in their size, screen and basket material. With the help of these devices, you can prepare various fried foods without oil or low oil.


Gesler Company

With an oil-free fryer, you can make the best fried foods with the lowest amount of calories, with the same famous crispy state, when your meals have fewer calories, you will notice over time that using How much less of them is effective in changing your weight. Most importantly, when you use less oil in your life, you will undoubtedly experience a healthier life.

The important point here is that continuous and frequent use of this device is not recommended, because during cooking in this device, harmful substances called heterocyclic amines and aromatic hydrocarbons are also produced, and these harmful substances increase the risk of cancer over time. therefore, their continuous and frequent use is not recommended.

Buy the best brand of oil-free fryer.

With oil-free fryers, you can cook a variety of foods such as cakes, chicken wings, potatoes, mushrooms, etc…but in order to be able to use all the facilities and efficiency of this device, it is better to buy the best oil-free fryer for yourself. Among the introduction of the best oil-free fryers, Gesler brand is the top of their list

These types of fryers are produced in a very high variety these days, and this has made it a bit difficult for buyers to choose the best brand, especially for those people who know a lot about home appliance brands. do not have Before buying, be sure to try to know their best-selling models along with their specifications and prices, and then make a purchase.

Finally, it is recommended to use fryers only once or twice a week and try to eat the rest of your meals steamed or boiled. It is true that this device works without the need of oil, but in order for your food to taste better, it is usually recommended to spray a little oil on the food or add a tablespoon of oil to it so that the result is more enjoyable. Be what you think.